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Superpowers could be the place where your next game comes together.

Built with Web technologies, Superpowers's core provides the extensible infrastructure for a plethora of fancy collaborative tools.

Jam together in real-time using any browser. Your teammates don't need to install anything.

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We think Superpowers will be immensely
more valuable to the game developers community
if it's free and open source. Help us get there!

We're pretty frugal. At the very minimum, we'll need just
500 € × 3 people × ~2 (taxes) = 3000 € a month
to give Superpowers the time and care it deserves.

Superpowers — HTML5 2D+3D game maker

We're 10% of the way to long-term sustainability! ♥


Thanks to your generosity, we'll be able to pay rent.


Most day-to-day expenses like food will be covered. Thanks!


We can afford to build the game maker we're all dreaming of!


As monthly donations increase, we can spend less time figuring out other ways to make money and more time expanding and refining Superpowers. Every bit helps!

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You'll find a more detailed list of milestones in our development log,
and a list of tasks we're tackling soon on the Trello board.

☑ Initial development (September 2014 - March 2015)

We spent a few months designing and redesigning Superpowers to get it right.
The core takes care of projects, storage and networking.
The system provides the game engine and runtime.
Plugins build on those two to provide editors and all sorts of features.

☐ Crowdfunding and Early Access (right now!)

Superpowers finally makes games! It's time to show it to the world and ask for your support. Together, we'll give it the long-term viability it needs to thrive and we'll grow together into a wonderful, inclusive community!

☐ Open source and Public Release (a few months from now)

We've got lots of things to setup to support the community: documentation, bug tracking, forums, asset store, contribution guidelines and more. There are also a few more features we'll want to take care of before the first release.

Frequently asked questions

Which platform does Superpowers run on?

Superpowers runs on Windows, Mac and Linux thanks to NW.js.

Where can I distribute games made with Superpowers?

Games made with Superpowers can be distributed in various places:

Do I need to know how to code to make games with Superpowers?

As of right now, yes! We've built a scripting plugin that uses TypeScript (a superset of JavaScript) so that's what you'll be dealing with. If you've done some programming before, it's very straightforward. Check out the starting guide.

Since Superpowers is completely extensible, we expect the community will come up with alternatives like event sheets or drag'n'drop visual scripting plugins in the future.

What does "early access" imply for Superpowers?

It's possible to make cool games with Superpowers right now, but it is still super rough around the edges. You've been warned! :)

We're launching now because the core platform is ready. Everything else is just getting started. We'll be releasing very frequent updates and doing weekly community meetings/livestreams so you'll be able to follow along. And of course, in a few months we'll go open source and you'll be able to contribute if you want!

Can I sell the games I make with Superpowers?

Of course! No royalties or license to acquire.