The extensible, collaborative HTML5 2D+3D game maker

Create games for Windows, OS X, Linux Android, iOS
Intuitive and extensible open source HTML5 game development

Superpowers could be the place where your next game comes together.

Built with Web technologies, Superpowers's core provides the extensible infrastructure for a plethora of fancy collaborative tools.

Jam together in real-time using any browser. Your teammates don't need to install anything.

Help us open source Superpowers for everyone!
We're launching our crowdfunding effort

March 13th, 2015

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Check out our development log
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We've been working on Superpowers for half a year.

Rather than sell a closed product,
we want to share a platform with you
and give you the power to truly own your tools.

As game developers ourselves,
we know how much being in control matters.
You don't want to have to wait for someone else
to fix the bug that's holding your game back.

To make Superpowers a viable platform
in the long term, we'll need financial support.
That's why we're putting together
a recurring crowdfunding campaign.

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See you very soon! ♥